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We’ve made this theme to be customized FOR YOU. We understand that not everyone needs or wants a feminine-based WordPress theme so although we’ve designed our demo theme to be extremely feminine, if the colors don’t suit you – that’s cool. It’s one of the major benefits to this theme – customizable EVERYTHING.

customize the following elements of all of our themes:


All headings, menus, footer and body text styling can be chosen (and re-chosen) to your heart’s content. Directly from the CUSTOMIZE section in WordPress you’re able to change all colors and see the changes in real time before pressing publish. The sky’s the limit!

brand kits


Webfonts on websites usually come with bulky plugins that a lot of formatting and customizations. Not with our themes. Directly from WordPress’ CUSTOMIZE section, we’ve pre-selected over 12 font pairings to choose from showcasing your uniqueness and providing flexibility.

font choices


With our handy free Shortcodes plugin pre-installed, you’re able to create the layouts of your dreams to display any content you like. If you’d like to take a look at all the available customizations of the Shortcodes and page layouts, please take a look at the customizations page here.

short codes


I was so hesitant and nervous to see the customization because I’d never had a chance to customize my previous site – but I’m blown away by your templates and how straightforward it all seems to do my own updates and not have to get into code.

Thank you so much!

– Krystal Meadows

get the julianna theme

add blog posts directly to any page automatically.

Set up your blog posts to show up using only the featured image, or choose to add post titles, buttons or other customizable features.


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